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About  iF Design Award
iF 인터네셔널 포럼 디자인(iF International Forum Design GmbH)은 독일 하노버에 위치해 가장 오랜 역사를 자랑하는 독립적인 디자인 기관으로, 매년 최고의 디자인 결과물에 iF 디자인 상을 수여합니다.
Sello Everyone - Mobile Service Brand Identity
SELLO is a used phone sales platform brand that increases the value of the mobile ecosystem. In the brand design, two things were considered to express the brand name and value well. Firstly, it was designed by combining the direct word 'sell' which refers to selling used phones, and 'O' which expresses the meaning of a mobile virtuous cycle. Secondly, to establish and implement SELLO’s unique brand identity, the On/Off graphic motif, which means you can easily sell used phones anytime, anywhere, was consistently used in various design applications. Through this, we were able to build SELLO’s unique visual brand identity.
Link >  https://ifdesign.com/en/winner-ranking/project/sello-everyone/633597

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