​01. Kenca Corporate Identity
The KOREA Engineering & Consulting Association (Kenca) was established in 1974 and serves as a focal point in fostering and developing the Korean engineering industry. Kenca developed a new V.I. to redefine the values and obligations of the association, to build solidarity with more than 4000 member companies and establish a clear identity of the association. The newly defined V.I shows the identity of the association as a partner in the Korean engineering industry.
The new logo stands for 'K-tech, growth engine' and contains the association's determination to lead change and innovation based on it. In addition, the orange-colored graphic motifs represented the dynamic brand image of these associations. This new V.I is applied to various online and offline media such as Web, brochure, etc. We would like to effectively convey the new identity of Kenca.


사람 마음에 와 닿는 가장 손쉬운 디자인과 브랜드를 만들고 있습니다.
Design Studio : LAY.D Studio (레이.디스튜디오)

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